Tricks to Treat Chronic Noses


Suffer from Blocked Nose? 

Blowing does not work for you?

Forced to pick your nose before you can breathe?  Read On.

Decongestant sprays can become addictive, and are not recommended other than for short term use. 

Here is some advice that is not addictive, costs nothing, and has helped me manage a chronically blocked nose that never produces anything it is blown. I have tried steroid sprays with no relief either.

For 35 years I have been sniffing a mixture of legal chemicals up my nose. Namely Salt and Baking Soda. The recipe is a large cup of warm water, plus a quarter teaspoon of salt (Sodium Chloride) and half a teaspoon of Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate.)

Until recently I simply poured this into my hand, and sniffed the solution up my nose, first one side then the other, repeated till the cup was empty. But for the past 3 years I have used a commercially made soft squeeze bottle (given out as a medical sample at a conference) that when squirted up one nostril has the liquid run out of the other nostril like a magic trick.

RE!  Just a few days ago in June 2010 a medical colleague told me what she used instead. She uses an emptied Tomato Sauce (or honey) squeeze bottle, of the type that has a pointed nozzle (that fits the nostril nicely) that can be twisted open or closed. The mixture remains the same, and probably has been used for blocked noses for centuries. I was given the recipe 35-40 years ago by a retiring GP who told me he had been given it 50 years before that. Today a similar recipe of Salt and Baking Soda has been patented and is sold with the commercial squeeze bottle pictured (on left) above. (What about the concept of “Prior Art”)