Cobalt Blue Light $10 Each


Fluorescein Eye Examination and the Cobalt Blue Light.

The photos above were taken using the Blue light as described below. I used a flash in the photo on the left while shining the blue light onto the eye with my other hand. The 2 blue photos only used the blue light on it’s own. On the right is a Photo I took of a Dendritic Corneal Ulcer caused by Herpes Simplex Virus

Fluorescein Eye Examination and Cobalt Blue Light.

Most GP’s use the very faint blue filter on their ophthalmoscope to view a fluorescein-stained eye. This requires darkening the room to see anything. With the blue light described here, you could light up the fluorescein in a normally-lit consulting room from 1 metre away.

Fluorescein should be used routinely in any traumatised eye, foreign body and a red inflamed eye (the latter in case of a Dendritic ulcer not visible in normal lighting.) Having a powerful blue light would reduce the time needed to properly stain and examine the eye by removing the need to draw the curtains and switch off overhead lighting.

I used to make and sell Blue lights for $50 about 8 years ago, but now I can buy them wholesale from China, and now can offer them for $10 each.